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I am Darryl Baker.

As a professional business owner and licensed insurance agent; my number one focus is to educate my customers. Educating potential customers about insurance products is absolutely necessary in order to provide individuals with an opportunity to make a sound decision about their financial wellbeing.

Over the last several years, this is something I noticed was imbalanced in the insurance industry. In my experience, too many times people seemed uncertain, fearful due to previous experiences, and unclear about their available insurance options.

When that happened many checked out and stopped actively listening when they were not clear about certain insurance products. I make it a priority and take time to provide each customer with clear information about the products I offer through one-on-one sessions, webinars, digital pamphlets, and other 21st-century distribution circuits. Not only do I enjoy providing concrete information; it helps ensure that once I explain the material and an individual gets it, I can be confident there is no confusion as a customer makes a decision.

I would love the opportunity to earn your business but more importantly your trust and friendship.

God Speed.


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